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Keep on Movin'

For me, the key to a higher quality of life was to start moving—and keep moving. 

Meagan Allen

I'm a wife, mother of five, and extreme proponent of an active lifestyle. I live in beautiful Southwest Washington State and have learned that - at least for me - consistent exercise is key to staying happy in this wet and rainy environment. I enjoy running, backpacking, mountain biking, binge-watching Netflix, and helping my kids be the best they can be.

Over the years I've led numerous workout groups for people young and old, and in a wide variety of physical condition. I love helping people gain strength, self-confidence, and a new outlook on life.

I started this website to reach others outside my local area. I record videos the same way I teach those around me - when I have time, with what I have, without any fancy equipment or workout rooms. My workout videos are made to make you tired, building strength in the process.

I'm also known to be a...

Runner (and jumper)
Beach walker

Kind words from nice people

I've been working with people for years, helping them in their fitness goals. Every once in a while they leave me a nice comment 🙂

Such a great workout! I’ve been doing workout classes for years and love that Meagan is doing stuff I’ve never done before! Such a great toning and fat burning workout.

  • woman

    40 - Spokane, WA

I want to help you learn to love your body

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