Let me help you feel better, Get stronger

I'm an active mother of five who gets my wiggles out by coming up with effective, simple workouts nearly every day. As an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I record them and post them on this site for you to use too!


Simple workouts for busy people

There are never enough hours in the day, right? My workouts average about 45 minutes each, and over the course of a week will focus on each part of your body.


Simple weights

Weights for resistance, easy to store


Focus on flexibility

Flexibility is key to less pain in life


Bodyweight workouts

Gain strength... using only gravity



Great for body and brain


Core strength

Strong core equals fewer injuries


Time efficient

No wasted time; fast, full workouts

About Meagan

Growing weary of the constant contest that occupies so much of the fitness world, I decided I wanted to do something about it.

I created this site to offer workout instruction to those who just want to feel better and gain strength, without all the flashiness often associated with physical training.

My workouts take place in my garage—surrounded by my kids's stuff—or whever I can find a spot to exercise for a bit. I record them, and post them here.

What People Say

I have to tell you how much your workouts are helping me. I have always loved the feeling AFTER working out but I have never been excited to work out. I have realized I'm capable of more than I thought I was. I actually get EXCITED to work out to your videos. Can you make 100 of these so I can always use them?!


24 - Utah

Thank you so much! Our butts are sore, and we're sweaty... we'll do day two when we can walk again!


39, Washington

Another great workout, thank you. Love that you're breathing hard, love the background - I could take you more seriously if you didn't have those fake nails!


44 - Washington State

I want to help you learn to love your body

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